Are you Ready to Go Big and Get Wild?

Montana Scouters and Parents,

Welcome to the Montana Council 2013 Jamboree portal (! The Montana Jamboree team has been busy planning and preparing for the Jamboree. It is going to be an exciting and memorable time with the new location and new activities being offered. There will be a lot going on over the next 14 months that will involve both the scouts and parents. Check back on this site periodically for a calendar of events. I would like to start by introducing the leadership teams for the two Boy Scout troops and one Venture patrol. For detailed bios on each leader please check out the links below.

  Troop “A” Troop “B”
Scoutmasters Loren Brown Walt McIntosh
First Assistant Scoutmasters Curtis Davey Rusty Collyer
Second Assistant Scoutmasters Bob Edgar Aaron Weissman
Alternates Toby Scott Ryan Rauscher
Venture Advisor Patty Scanlan

Boy Scouts is a youth run organization so we now need to choose the troop leaders. Check out the link for the Troop Leadership Application and Leadership Position Descriptions ( )

This is the first year Venture Scouts are able to attend the Jamboree and as soon as we know what positions are needed and their descriptions we will post the Venture Leadership information on the site. After the Scouts are divided into two troops of four patrols each, and the primary Scout leaders selected, we will have troop meetings for the boys to meet and select patrol leaders.

Once again welcome to the Montana Council 2013 Jamboree Contingent!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at  and remember to check back on the site for more information.

In Jambo Spirit,
Tony Etherington
Montana Council 2013 Jamboree Ambassador


Loren Brown – Scoutmaster

Helena,  MT

Loren is the Scoutmaster for Troop 207 in Helena.  Prior to becoming Scoutmaster in 2004, Loren spent four years as an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Troop.  He also heads up Boy Scout Leader Training for Prickly Pear District.  Loren is a District Award of Merit recipient, an Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor Member, and an Eagle Scout.  He attended the 2001 National Jamboree as an Assistant Scoutmaster and attended the 1999 World Jamboree in Chile.

Loren enjoys water-skiing, snow skiing, motorcycles, and pretty much anything in the great outdoors.  When he isn’t busy with Scouts or work, Loren enjoys helping out in the community, building or repairing things, or heading outside with his wife Michelle.

Loren is the Senior Vice President/Cashier for Mountain West Bank.  In this role he oversees the finance, IT, and other various support departments for the bank.

Loren is easiest to reach on his cell phone at 406-431-5834 or via email at

Bob Edgar – 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster

Bob lives in the Bitterroot Valley between Stevensville and Florence. He’s been an adult scouter since his son Mitch joined Pack 4915. Mitch is 12 now, and a Life Scout; Bob says it’s hard to believe just 7 years ago he was a lost and bewildered Tiger Den Leader. Since then he’s served as Assistant Cubmaster, Cubmaster, and Trainer for 4915, and Scoutmaster for Troop 1115 in Florence / Lolo. At the District level, he’s led Bitterroot District trainings, served on the District Committee, and organized Cub and Boy Scout Klondikes.

He loves sharing scouting with Mitch, but also acknowledges that it has been a treat to work with his wife, Cammie. In fact, he insists that any succcess he’s had as a scouter is directly attributable to Cammie (Cub Advancement Chair, Troop Treasurer, and She Who Keeps the Scoutmaster On Track) and the amazing boys and adults who really make the Pack and Troop go.

Bob’s favorite scouting experiences include Woodbadge, climbing at Lolo Creek, sailing at Melita, and backpacking in the Bitterroot Mountains. In between scouting events, he squeezes in time to serve on a few church committees, teach Sunday School, and even hold down a day job, teaching social studies at Florence High School.

George “Curtis” Davey – 1st Assistant Scoutmaster

Missoula, Montana

Mr. Davey is currently serving as Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 1911 in Missoula and as Associate Advisor for Crew 2911. He was the Cub Master for Pack 4911. Along with his son Christopher (16), who is working on his road to Eagle, and has achieved his Bronze Medal in Venturing, all total Mr. Davey has been in scouting for 9 years. He was not a scout as a youth, but a “Happy Camper” attending high adventure camps, back packing, horse back riding and floating in the major wilderness areas of the west.

While working over the years as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service in the Big Horn Canyon, a camp councilor teaching water safety instruction, horse back riding and canoeing, a bicycle safety instructor, a nurse, a safety coordinator in a manufacturing company and as a Licensed Professional Guide in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, a back country camp boss, a sporting clays instructor, over time and after many wilderness experiences, an appreciation for everything outdoors has developed.

Currently, Mr. Davey is a Case Manager at Missoula 3:16 Mission, in a faith based recovery program for homeless men suffering from self destructive behavior and addiction. He has lived in Montana for 34 years and moved to Missoula to attend the University of Montana where he received a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. His wife Charlotte, also a U of M graduate and their son Christopher enjoy a comfortable life with their two miniature dachshunds, Frisbee and Pumpkin.

Mr. Davey may be reached via email at

Walt McIntosh – Scoutmaster

Shepherd, MT
Walt has been the Scoutmaster for Troop 9 in Billings since 2008 and was previously Committee Chairman for Cub Scout Pack 318 in Shepherd.  He was a Boy Scout as a youth and remembers the fun and adventure well.  Walt is married to Tina and has two sons, Scott (2011 Eagle Scout) and John (Life Scout).
Walt received the 2011 Black Otter District Boy Scouter of the Year award, the Unit Leader Award of Merit in 2010, and attended Wood Badge in 2009, earning his ticket in 2010 (“Da Bears!”). He enjoys all things outdoors, especially hunting with his boys. He earned his wings (private pilot) in 1992 and also likes tinkering with old Dodge pickups.  
Walt travels frequently in his work for Edward Jones Investments as a compliance team leader. Before working in the financial services industry he worked at hospitals in Billings, Crow Agency, Plains and Wolf Point as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.  
Contact Scoutmaster Walt by e-mail or phone:
(406) 670-1846

Patti Scanlan – Venturing Crew Advisor

Fort Peck, MT

Patti has been involved with scouting since a young girl. She earned the highest award in Girl Scouting as a youth, and currently there are 9 Eagles in her family (keeping fingers crossed for her son to be number ten!). Currently, Patti is the advisor for Venturing Crew 2861, and in the past few years with the crew she has canoed 115 miles of the Missouri River (twice!), gone caving in California, and whitewater rafted on the Salmon River.

Patti’s daughter Jessica was selected this year as a Patrol Z member by National to help promote Jamboree and the Summit, is President of Crew 2861, and just received her Girl Scout Gold Award. Her son Ryan is ASPL of Troop 861, and is a Life Scout.

Patti has been awarded the District Award of Merit in Buffalo Plains, the Venturing Leadership Award, and is working on her Woodbadge tickets! Patti is self-employed, and a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! in her free time she enjoys scrapbooking, sewing, outdoor adventures, and activities with the troop and crew.

Patty can be reached via email at or called/texted at 406-263-1679.

Ryan Rauscher – Alternate

20120520-210204.jpgGlasgow, MT

Ryan and his wife Elodie have been involved in Scouting for the past 15 years. Ryan is the Scoutmaster for Troop 861 in Glasgow. Previously, he served as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 861, a Webelos Den Leader for Pack 898, an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 1805, and Scoutmaster for Troop 1541. Elodie serves as the Committee Popcorn Chair, and on the Troop Committee.

Together, they have 3 children, Chance (Eagle 2009), Kristina, and Ben (Star Scout). Ryan received the Buffalo Plains District Scout Leader Award in 2011 and is currently participating in Wood Badge.

Ryan enjoys family, almost anything outdoors, mechanics, horses, the back country and Scouting. Ryan is a Wildlife Biologist for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and has received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Performance in Public Service in 2006.

You can email Ryan at or call him at 406-289-0081.

Toby Scott – Alternate

Whitefish, MT
Toby began his Scouting service with Cub Pack 36 in Whitefish in 2007, and in 2009 moved on to Troop 1917 as ASM.  After a year in that role he was asked to be Committee Chair and has served in that position for over a year.  Together with his ex-wife Michelle, the Committee Secretary, they raise their son Wyatt (currently First Class).  As a Scout Toby became Eagle and member of the OA.  He is completing his tickets for Wood Badge and taking the Powderhorn course this summer along with being a Sailing instructor for a week on Melita Island.
Outdoors with the Scouts is one of his favorite activities and participates in all Troop campouts and meetings.  He also enjoys sailing, other water activities and snow skiing.
Toby is a music recording engineer, producer, and project administrator, traveling to New York, New Jersey and other cities as part of this job.  He has received several Grammys for his recording work in the music industry.  When home in Whitefish he mentors and guides aspiring young musicians and supports the local music education programs.
Mr. Scott may be reached via email at or via phone at 406-250-7004.

Rusty Collyer – 1st Assistant Scoutmaster

20120521-210301.jpgClyde Park, MT

Rusty serves as Scoutmaster for Troop 0555 in Clyde Park, a Troop that he founded in 2011. Previously Rusty was the Cubmaster and Webelos Den Leader for Pack 3555, founded by the Collyer family in 2009, establishing Scouting in the Shields Valley. Rusty and wife Nancy have a son, Cody, currently a “quickly advancing” Second Class Scout, and a daughter, Sarabeth, a Brownie Girl Scout.

Rusty received the Unit Leader Award of Merit in 2011; he and Nancy received the Mountain Valley District Family Scouting Award that same year. Nancy founded and runs Girl Scouts in the Shields Valley, so you could say “scouting is an integral part of the Collyer family”. Rusty attended Wood Badge in 2011 and is currently completing his ticket items; one includes completing Powderhorn this July.  Bobwhites!

Participating in almost every type of outdoor activity, Rusty is a self employed Professional (Civil) Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor when he’s not having fun Scouting or on family outings. Rusty’s community service activities include multiple terms on the Park County Board of Health, the Park County Planning Board, past membership in Rotary International, and participation in/service to other civic and profession-related organizations. 

You can reach Rusty at or at 406-223-3323.

Aaron Weissman – 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster

Great Falls, MT

Aaron serves as the Vice President for Program for the Montana Council of the Boys Scouts of America and the Scoutmaster for Troop 26 in Great Falls.  Previously, he has served as the District Chairman for the Lewis and Clark District and as the Cubmaster, Committee Chair and Webelos Den Leader for Pack 26.  With his wife Wendy, they have a daughter Sarah (13), and a son, Max (11, currently a First Class Scout with Troop 26).

Aaron received the Lewis and Clark Cubmaster of the Year award in 2009, the District Award of Merit in 2010 and attended Wood Badge in 2011, earning his ticket in 2012.  He remains a Fox who tries to always wear his socks.

Aaron is an avid cyclist and skier, completing his first century ride in 2011.

Aaron is the General Manager for National-General Supply, Inc.  He may be reached via email at and will be thrilled to receive your call or text at 406-868-8982.