Toby Scott – Alternate

Whitefish, MT
Toby began his Scouting service with Cub Pack 36 in Whitefish in 2007, and in 2009 moved on to Troop 1917 as ASM.  After a year in that role he was asked to be Committee Chair and has served in that position for over a year.  Together with his ex-wife Michelle, the Committee Secretary, they raise their son Wyatt (currently First Class).  As a Scout Toby became Eagle and member of the OA.  He is completing his tickets for Wood Badge and taking the Powderhorn course this summer along with being a Sailing instructor for a week on Melita Island.
Outdoors with the Scouts is one of his favorite activities and participates in all Troop campouts and meetings.  He also enjoys sailing, other water activities and snow skiing.
Toby is a music recording engineer, producer, and project administrator, traveling to New York, New Jersey and other cities as part of this job.  He has received several Grammys for his recording work in the music industry.  When home in Whitefish he mentors and guides aspiring young musicians and supports the local music education programs.
Mr. Scott may be reached via email at or via phone at 406-250-7004.

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