Shakedown at Summit

By Patrol Z Member and Montana Venturer Jessica Scanlon

Since I got back from the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia this last month, everyone has been asking me about life at the Summit! So, just for all my Montana scouting friends, I am letting you in on a secret. Life at the Summit is AMAZING! You need more detail than that? Well, here are the top three greatest things at the Summit!

1. All the fun activities, and helping you get over your fears!
– At the Summit, there are a ton of great activities. There are so many new talents to try out there, like BMX riding and climbing. The Summit is the only place where you can pack in so many activities in one place! And everything is built by the best of the best, and totally safe, so anyone can try it! Never climbed, or scared of heights? Terrified of whitewater rafting? The Summit is the best place to get over your fear, and just do it!

2. The Flora and Fauna!
– The Summit has WAY different biology than what we have in Montana! Sure, in Montana we have both the plains and the mountains, which is really cool, but the Summit is totally different! It’s so pretty and, well, green there! The wildlife is spectacular, ranging from amphibians and birds too deer and bears, all different species than what we may have in our state! And the trees, I just can’t get over the trees! They’re so.. just amazing! The mountains are just completely covered in this green mass of fluffy-looking trees, and it makes you just want to float on them, like a cloud!

3. The people!
– The people at the Summit were by far the best part of the Summit. The staff there are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and they are super helpful in answering any questions you have, or find someone who can answer them for you. They are also VERY good at what they do, so you know you are always safe with them. Of course, the participants are the greatest too! You will meet a TON of new friends, from all over the country! I personally thought the best way to meet people was patch trading, so bring a lot of patches to trade!

Life at the Summit is really amazing, and I’m sure you will love it just as much as I did! Remember, this jamboree is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is the first year that Venturers will be allowed (yay!), and this is the official opening of the Summit! You don’t want to miss it!

Any questions? Be sure to like the Montana Council Jamboree Contingent facebook page, and leave your questions on the wall! Also keep an eye on the page for updates and photo teasers! 🙂


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