Jambo 2013 Montana Patch Ideas

From David Beach, SPL, Troop B340


Hello Scoutmaster Brown,

Below are pictures from my patch collection from Jambo 2010.  I had collections from Nevada council, Connecticut council, San Fransico council and many others.

Probably the most popular set was the helicopter set, the Utah sets were also popular, and probably the most popular was the pentagon set with the five branches of the military. (go on ebay to see examples of these).

Our Montana OA Grizzly Bear patch and the Montana shoulder patch were also very popular. The Montana trading patch with the four sections was ok, but not as popular as others. (see pictures below.)

I also took along a bunch of Montana pins and magnets to trade and scouts liked them.

I though that this might give the Montana Jambo scouts a few patch design ideas.  Please forward this to them.

David A. Beach
Senior Patrol Leader
Troop B340
Montana Jambo 2013



Jamboree Update

The 2013 Jamboree Contingent Adult Leader Team held a meeting on August 25 to review applicants and select youth leaders (Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Scribe, and Quartermaster) for each troop.

The team held a campout at K-M on September 7–9. At the campout the boys were divided into troops and the adult and youth leaders were introduced. A discussion was held with the boys and parents on patch design and trading. A contest is underway to select the patches for the 2013 Jamboree contingent. The deadline for patch designs is October 1. Tony and Kyle held a question and answer session with the parents attending the campout to answer and questions and address any concerns they have about the jamboree. The two troops and crew spent the afternoon team building and performing service work for the camp. The campout was a great success.

The team is still looking for applicants for the Third Assistant Scoutmaster positions.

As of Saturday we have filled the 9 Venturing Scout positions and are still looking for 8 scouts.

Notes from the parent meeting at K-M


• Class A uniforms are required for travel and touring in Washington DC. The class A uniform includes: class A shirt, Green scout pants or shorts, belt, green socks, Jamboree hat and neckerchief

• It is recommended that the boys bring 2 or 3 class A shirts.

• They can use their current class A, but need to change troop numbers to Jamboree #, Council Shoulder Patch to Jamboree Shoulder Patch, Patrol Patch to Jamboree Patrol.

• Class B uniforms are the uniforms for jamboree daily activities. The class B uniform includes scout T-shirt (two Jamboree t-shirts will be provided; other scout t-shirts, polo shirts or button shirts will work for class B), green pants or shorts, green scout socks, belt and hat. Do not bring non-scout shirts.

• The boys will be wearing class B uniforms for the 10 days at camp. There will be laundry facilities but they should bring multiple uniforms.

• Green socks – multiple pairs as they will wear green socks for all 15 days of the trip.

• 2 pairs of hiking boots or equivalent shoes (this is so that they have a dry pair if one pair gets wet due to rain)

• Water shoes for showering or swimming

• Old clothing and work gloves are recommended for the Service Project. Each troop will be assigned an off-site service project. The parents discussed using an old scout shirt and pants for service work instead of bringing jeans or other types of clothing.

• See the Jamboree equipment list below


• Anti-Friction powder

• Bug spray, bug wipes, or Off clip-on bug repellant

• 32 degree sleeping bag

• Mess kit: something to eat with (fork, knife, spoon) and eat on (plate from mess kit) and drink from (bottle or cup for juice).

• Water bottle to carry

• Lock for tent and luggage bag (recommended, not required, to secure gear in tent)

• State ID needed for getting on airplane

o Make sure name is spelled the same on all documents and name tags

o Name on airline ticket needs to match exactly with id or name tags

Other Information:

• Leave on July 11

• Return July 25

• Complete swim test at June Shakedown Campout in Great Falls

• 15% off clothing purchased for Jamboree at the Council Office. They will have a list of all attendees so make sure and give the name of the scout attending Jamboree.

• Money needed to purchase food on the way to D.C. and return trip home (this could be done with a prepaid credit card or debit card)

• Bring rain gear (it rained multiple days during the July shakedown camp at the Summit)

• Need to register for High Adventure Activities as soon as site is open to register

• Electronic devices are allowed at the discretion of the Scoutmasters. The Council and Scoutmasters are not responsible for any lost or damaged devices.

• Flights to Jamboree will be booked from Missoula, Bozeman and Billings. Missoula has limited seating available so Helena and Great Falls will probably fly out of Bozeman.

• Part of the tour package includes spending the day before Jamboree in Mt. Hope WV at the New River Gorge. There will be activities for the boys to do at the Gorge that day. More information will be released once final arrangements are made with the tour company.

• There will be a mandatory meeting scheduled in March. Details on the date, time and location will come out in November or December.

• There will be a mandatory Jamboree shake down campout in June at the council office in Great Falls. The boys will simulate setting up and taking down camp at Jamboree. Other activities include Swim tests for Jamboree, distributing patches, t-shirts, hats, neckerchiefs etc.

• It is recommended that the boys label all clothing they are taking to Jamboree.

• The leadership team will be discussing labeling options and will send out a recommendation at a later date.

• The boys might want to purchase a mesh bag for laundry

• Camp coupons issued with popcorn sales can be used for jamboree

• The cost of one checked bag is included in the jamboree package. Extra cost for overweight bags is the responsibility of the scout.

• White Water Rafting at the Jamboree will cost extra. The boys are responsible for this extra cost when they sign up for activities on the Jamboree website. This is not part of the Jamboree payment.

• It is recommended that the boys bring a prepaid debit card or Green Dot cards for use at Jamboree and the tour. This will limit the amount of cash the boys need to bring. A credit or debit card can be used at most tourist shops in DC and at all trading posts at Jamboree.

• The boys will need a limited amount of cash for purchasing additional jamboree patches from the Scoutmaster. There may be other times when cash is needed, but I can’t think of any from the 2010 Jamboree.

What to Bring (Equipment List from the Jamboree Website)

• Everything you bring must fit in the jamboree duffel bag that will be provided and your personal day pack. It is important that participants pack the right items.

• Personal Gear

• Sleeping bag (lightweight in stuff sack with 30 degree rating is good)

• Eating/Mess kit (plate, bowl, and spork are adequate.)

• Two 1-liter water bottles

• Toiletry kit (keep it small)

• Two bath towels

• Two hand towels

• Two washcloths

• Flashlight

• Sunscreen

• Non-aerosol insect repellant

• Clothing

• Two Class A uniforms

• Long pants (required for Day of Service)

• Good broken-in hiking boots

• Lace-up shoes (lightweight sports)

• Rain gear (simple, lightweight)

• Scout head gear

• One jacket or sweatshirt (synthetic is good)

• Two sets of sleep clothes

• Five pairs of underwear

• Four or five Scout/jamboree T-shirts/polo/activity shirts (microbial synthetic is good)

• Two or three pairs of scout hiking socks

• Two or three other pairs of other scout socks

Optional Items:

• Air or travel pillow

• Swimsuit

• Water shoes

• Sunglasses

• Arrival day, Sunday, and departure day are uniform days; other times may be determined by your staff leader. Other days are Scout/jamboree T-shirts or activity shirts with uniform shorts/longs.

Patch Design Contest – due October 1st!

Directions to K-M

We are looking forward to seeing our entire contingent at our campout next weekend!

If you haven’t done so already, please RSVP to let us know you are coming. Please RSVP to Mr. Brown at LorenB@mtnwestbank.com.

K-M is about 20 miles North of Lewistown. A google map is available at K-M’s website here.

Once in Lewistown, go North on US-191 about 9 miles. Turn left on MT-81W for about 2 miles, until you come to S Kendall Road. After about 4 miles, you will come to North Kendall Road. After another 2 miles or so, you will arrive at camp.