It is Time to Choose your Jamboree Activity Preferences!

Montana Jamboree Scouts–the Jamboree Activity Preference system is now OPEN!

There are over 20 activities available to do during Jamboree.  Over the next 90 days, you can look over the list and rank your preference for the activities you want to do at the Summit.

Some activities, like Whitewater rafting, come at an additional fee.  However, most are included with your Jamboree participation.

To choose your activity, first login to your Jamboree dashboard (  From there, you should see a button called “Activity Preference”.  Click it!



Just like the online medical form, only some browsers can get into the Jamboree activity selection system.  You can use Firefox 14+ (Mac or PC) , Google Chrome 21+ (Mac, PC, iOS and/or Android), and/or Internet Explorer 9.0+ (with compatibility mode OFF).


Put your preferences in any order you like by clicking on the three horizontal bars to the right of each selection and dragging them into order, with your highest preference on top and least on bottom.  Again, make sure to save your work each screen!

This system is NOT first-come, first-serve.  The system will be open for the next 90 days and the Jamboree organizers will try to make sure that everyone can do as many of their highest-rated activities as possible.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with your Scoutmaster or SPL.


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