Need more Patches & Jambo wear?

Great news – there are a few more available!

Call the Great Falls Scout Office now at (406) 761-6000 for:

Troop Shirts (limited sizes and quantities)  
Troop Hats                                                                                                                  
Troop Number patches                                                                                         
2013 Official Jamboree Emblem patch (black rectangle, above right shirt pocket)          

Better hurry!   Supplies are limited


Contact your Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor for:

Patrol Patches  (a very limited number of extras available)                    $4 ea.     
Full Trading Patch Sets available now – we’ll take leftovers  to Jambo   $20 ea. 
Order of the Arrow Lodge Flap sets – leftovers go to Jambo with us   $10 ea.    


[if you need an extra JSP in your unit’s color, the only way to get one is to buy a full Trading Patch Set – then trade the other patches!  A302 is Gold border, B340 is Dark Red border, and F403C is Grey.    See the June 20th post for pictures of “what goes where”.]

Jamboree Extra Gear Ordering


One thought on “Need more Patches & Jambo wear?

  1. Have the Octupus Prime patches come in yet. It take a little time getting all the patches on the shirts, these are the last ones we are waiting for.

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