Montana Contingent to the 2013 National BSA Jamboree

So far, about 350 photos have been posted to our Flickr Feed! Take a look, join the group and upload yours!


Join Our Flickr Feed and Upload your Photos!

The 2013 Jamboree is over, and we are all getting used to dry feet, no mud and showers warmer than “ambient.”  Our memories, however, will last forever.

Please share the photos from your Jamboree adventure to our Contingent Flickr feed!  We have created an open Flickr group (  Please join the group and upload your photos and videos there!  Tell your family about the group; they can join too!

Next Summer, we will be showing a slideshow of all the photos from this Flickr feed at the Jamboree tent at our 2014 Montana Council Camporee in Lewistown, MT.  Please make a point to stop by–it’ll be like a reunion.

Now that we are back, remember to continue to Go Big and Get Wild!


We’ve received several questions about a few things, so wanted to post the following clarifications (any original posts have been updated to reflect these updates):

1. On our June 27 post Trip Information! we stated “lunch $10 cash”.  In doing so, we did not make it clear that the $10 for lunch is PROVIDED.  All meals are part of the tour & Jambo packages – so you do not need to send money for these lunches. Airport days (July 11th and 25th) are the only days your Scout will need food $$$.

2. Medical Info:  Every participant is required to have a Personal First Aid Kit in their backpack at Jamboree (pack it your duffel for flying). Be sure it has moleskin or an equivalent in it!  Plus a few band-aids, bandages/tape, triple antibiotic ointment, SPF30 sunscreen, chap-stick, and some hand sanitizer.   ALL medications, whether prescription OR over-the-counter, MUST be given to the Trip Leader at the beginning of the trip in a Ziploc bag, clearly marked with the Scout’s name, and must include any special instructions written and signed by the parent/guardian.  When ANY are taken/administered, the Trip Leader MUST know about it and track it in a log… this is very important for your Scout’s safety!  Parents, be sure to talk with your Trip Leader when you drop off your Scout at the airport Thursday.

3.  Jamboree is having difficulty getting each Scouts “Activity Schedule” posted.  Do not be concerned if you cannot access it through their dashboard. You should receive an e-mail copy from your Troop or Crew Leader by early Wednesday morning…

4. The Jamboree Dashboard shows everyone at about “50% Complete”.  Do not be alarmed; Jambo tells us this is normal and OK – it will only go to 100% sometime after we are checked in at Jambo.

As a reminder your Scoutmasters will have some extra Troop T-Shirts, Troop hats, and lots of Patch Sets (Trading & OA) with them when we get to D.C….  and we will have everyone’s Troop Neckerchiefs, and a couple extra.

One more day until departure!

Are You Ready? “Jambo On!”

A few last tidbits as we prepare for departure to Jambo!

  •  IMPORTANT – put a copy of your Jamboree Health & Medical Record (JHMR) in your backpack (all parts: A, B & C).  We recommend two copies, copied double-sided (put them in a Ziploc).
  •  Put 2 copies of your Activity Schedule (from Jambo Dashboard) in your backpack – 1 for your Scoutmaster, 1 for you.  Apparently this is still in final stages, so if you can, please do this.  If not, don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.
  •  Put any completed & parent-signed Special Permissions (whitewater rafting, technical climbing, ATV, SEAL Challenge, etc.) in your backpack with your JHMR.
  •  Mark your personal gear with name and unit #  (e.g.,  Joe Scout  A302).   Use indelible ink.
  • Luggage – bring ONLY your Jambo Duffel (checked bag) and your Jambo Backpack (carry-on).
    • MT Council is paying the checked baggage fee for your Jambo Duffel.
    • Use the two luggage grips provided to you – and do something to help you ID your duffel… there will be a LOT of them around!
    • No overweight bags (50 lbs, max.).
    • Airlines require an ID tag on all luggage.  Have one on there, or be prepared to fill them out at the counter.
    • Check the airline and TSA websites for more info – remember, no drinks in backpack through security!
  • Important Miscellaneous items:
    • Laundry – bring some laundry soap.
    • Snacks – don’t get your backpack smelly on our trip (there’s no need).
    • NO FOOD or DRINK IN TENTS – attracts bugs & animals to your tent.
    • EF Smithsonian ID Badge – bring this for entry to museums.
  • Food on return trip – save a few bucks for something to eat on July 25th
  • Send mail to your Scout at Jambo!
    • First & Last Name
    • Jamboree Troop #  (A302 or B340), or  Jamboree Crew #F403C
    • 2013 National Jamboree
    • 92 SBR 2
    • Mount Hope, WV  25888  
  • If you have questions before departure contact your Scoutmaster/Advisor.
  • If you experience a problem the morning of departure:

    • Billings departures contact:

    Walt McIntosh (406) 670-1846   or   Patti Scanlan (406) 263-1679

    • Bozeman departures contact:

    Loren Brown (406) 431-5834   or    Rusty Collyer (406) 223-3323

    • Missoula departures contact:

    Toby Scott (406) 250-7004   or   Bob Edgar (406) 531-0583

A few suggestions from the Tour Company, EF Smithsonian:

Put a card in your wallet with your name, cell # (or your Scoutmaster’s, see above), and Troop/Crew Number – if it gets lost, there is at least a chance you might get it back.

Chewing gum is not allowed in historic sites and museums, and the staff watch for it. Don’t get into trouble; don’t chew gum during our Tour visits.

Airplane ride – if your ears get plugged during descent and begin to hurt, try BIG yawns and swallowing hard to relieve the pressure. Don’t stick your finger in your ear! Chewing gum also works to help keep your eustachian tubes open.  It can be uncomfrotable, especially if you have a runny nose or a cold, but will go away soon if treated in these ways. If not, tell your Trip Leader.

There is a lot of security in the area, to help us stay safe.  Whatever the police or guards say is absolute – quickly doing what they ask keeps everyone happy.

Think ahead at all security points – get ready by emptying your pockets if needed. Read the signs and see what others are doing to make the process quick and smooth. [Belts with metal buckles have to be removed, so if you have a plastic buckled belt – wear it]

Street Crossings – there is a LOT of traffic where we’re going. Cross ONLY at crosswalks and when the signal indicates it is safe to cross!  There is no tolerance for crossing outside a crosswalk or against the signal.

Finally… be sure you give your parents a big hug before you leave, and tell them “Thank You!” for making it possible for you to go to this first-ever Jamboree at the Summit!

This is gonna be AWESOME!