We’ve received several questions about a few things, so wanted to post the following clarifications (any original posts have been updated to reflect these updates):

1. On our June 27 post Trip Information! we stated “lunch $10 cash”.  In doing so, we did not make it clear that the $10 for lunch is PROVIDED.  All meals are part of the tour & Jambo packages – so you do not need to send money for these lunches. Airport days (July 11th and 25th) are the only days your Scout will need food $$$.

2. Medical Info:  Every participant is required to have a Personal First Aid Kit in their backpack at Jamboree (pack it your duffel for flying). Be sure it has moleskin or an equivalent in it!  Plus a few band-aids, bandages/tape, triple antibiotic ointment, SPF30 sunscreen, chap-stick, and some hand sanitizer.   ALL medications, whether prescription OR over-the-counter, MUST be given to the Trip Leader at the beginning of the trip in a Ziploc bag, clearly marked with the Scout’s name, and must include any special instructions written and signed by the parent/guardian.  When ANY are taken/administered, the Trip Leader MUST know about it and track it in a log… this is very important for your Scout’s safety!  Parents, be sure to talk with your Trip Leader when you drop off your Scout at the airport Thursday.

3.  Jamboree is having difficulty getting each Scouts “Activity Schedule” posted.  Do not be concerned if you cannot access it through their dashboard. You should receive an e-mail copy from your Troop or Crew Leader by early Wednesday morning…

4. The Jamboree Dashboard shows everyone at about “50% Complete”.  Do not be alarmed; Jambo tells us this is normal and OK – it will only go to 100% sometime after we are checked in at Jambo.

As a reminder your Scoutmasters will have some extra Troop T-Shirts, Troop hats, and lots of Patch Sets (Trading & OA) with them when we get to D.C….  and we will have everyone’s Troop Neckerchiefs, and a couple extra.

One more day until departure!

2 thoughts on “Clarifications

  1. when do we know what activities they will have… my son has technical climbing as a choice… do I send a check if that on his schedule?

  2. Watch for an e-mail within the next few hours from your Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor with your Scout’s Activity Schedule included. If there is a fee for the activity, then your Scout should either have already paid it, or be prepared to at the time of the activity.

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