One more in the poll

Due to technical glitches, one of the CSP designs that was sent to the Council office in August was not included in our original email and post yesterday.

You will note that a CSP entitled “National Jamboree by Caleb Kincy” is now in the post below and in the poll.  Voting for CSPs will be open until mid-morning on Monday, October 22.


Vote NOW for your favorite patch

Montana Jambo Scouters:

The submissions are in and NOW is the time to vote on your favorite patch idea.  We had three ideas submitted and it is up to YOU to decide which patch idea you want for your shoulder.

On your honor, please only vote once.  Voting will remain open until the morning of October 22.  I encourage the three patch idea designers to submit comments below explaining their patch ideas in greater detail.  You can click on the thumbnails below to get a larger image.

Now, Go VOTE!

Jambo 2013 Montana Patch Ideas

From David Beach, SPL, Troop B340


Hello Scoutmaster Brown,

Below are pictures from my patch collection from Jambo 2010.  I had collections from Nevada council, Connecticut council, San Fransico council and many others.

Probably the most popular set was the helicopter set, the Utah sets were also popular, and probably the most popular was the pentagon set with the five branches of the military. (go on ebay to see examples of these).

Our Montana OA Grizzly Bear patch and the Montana shoulder patch were also very popular. The Montana trading patch with the four sections was ok, but not as popular as others. (see pictures below.)

I also took along a bunch of Montana pins and magnets to trade and scouts liked them.

I though that this might give the Montana Jambo scouts a few patch design ideas.  Please forward this to them.

David A. Beach
Senior Patrol Leader
Troop B340
Montana Jambo 2013


Patch Design Contest – due October 1st!

Patch Design Contest

We are currently looking for design ideas for the Montana Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) and a Jamboree Trading Patch.

Designs for our special Jamboree CSP should be roughly the same size and shape of the Montana CSP you have on the left sleeve/shoulder of your class A uniform.

Jamboree Trading Patch designs can be in just about any size or shape and should be interesting and unique.

The best design will include either a Montana theme, a Jambo theme, or both. Even if you are not the greatest artist, please submit your best ideas and we can take it from there!

See the official Rules at

Design ideas should be submitted to the Council Office no later than October 1, 2012.

Some ideas from previous Jamborees: